Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Assam Burns, Army Moves In

13 columns comprising 1000 troops, ready in aid of civil authorities. Six columns comprising 400 troops carrying out flag marches at Gosaigaon, Bodo Bazaar and Gaurang Nagar.
@ 11.30 am today, Indian Army's 12 columns carry out flag marches. Railway line cleared from Bongaigaon to Kokrajhar. Only an 8 km stretch left between Fakiragram and Kokrajhar. 

@ 10-15 am today : Two more columns doing flag marches between Agamani, Dhubri, Kajalgaon and Chirang comprising approx 150 troops.

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rustom said...

Why did the Army move in? What is the police force doing, are the army jawans getting more allowance for also doing policing jobs. Already the armed force personnel are suffering because of salary discrepancy vis a vis aother central govt agencies, add to this the career life span of the soldier, no benefits in case of disability and also non implementation of OROP.

Add to this the political-mafia+ the IAS babu -mafia nexus, thus the mess to be cleansed up primaraly due to the INDIAN ADMINISTRATIOR'S FAILURE
compounded by their own nefarious links and unprofesional administration .

The policeing force all around India has been subjected to the IAS strategy of chanelising it to be an incompetant force. Why did the IAS want an incompetant force?:- so that the substandard force would not be intellectualy and personaly motivated to challenge the mafia link with the politicians and also to showcase the inefficient administration that causes problems. Also in case of loss of lives, less resistance from the personnel and also from the economical backward families of those who died due to the administration's apathy.
The next question is how did they manage to chanelise the police force into substandard force?:- that is done by making the police force across India non viable for a professional intellectual personnel. This is done by lowering standards, pay scales, downgrading facilities and no proper dues incase a personnel dies in the act of protecting the country.
Thus the unprofessional IAS now can showcase that it has saved money by not Paying dues,downgrading facility and also since there is not much fuss over personel killed. Also substandard force ,means less reistance to not implementing right training and procuring proper quantity and quality arms and weaponry
Even the mafia is happy now as the police force being underpaid ad substandard can be bought. Add to it merit being overshadowed by SC/ST/OBC distinctions brought in to further subdue the professionalism in the police force.

Thus the Army is called in.
And since the Armed forces can bring to light the problems and control the mafias, the IAS-MAFIA link has another strategy, do to the Indian Armed Forces what they did to the Indian Police force.Thus no OROP,Big difference between civil and armed forces promotions and ranks and pay.
The IAS wants the armed forces also to be downgraded.And even the supreme comander of Indians Armed forces will not take a stand for his/her forces.So the IAS can go scot free again

The IAS's unprofessionalism. total lack of ethics and moral can be visible by the various states and districts harbouring no electricity, no water, no schools, no roads (Even Mumbai roads are worse off than africa)encouragement of slums , NO JUSTICE as the POLICE FORCE IS BOUGHT and Substandard in any case and lastly harbouring ill feelingtowards the state due to frsutrations. When it goes out of control, call in the army to tire it more...

Question is, should the Indian be afraid of adversaries like China or more afraid if its own IAS?