Thursday, July 5, 2012

Army Chief Proves Himself To Be A Systems-Man, Unlike His Predecessor, Tests Waters By Going To Press, Soon After NDA Commandant Is Shunted Out!!!

No the NDA Commandant doesn't come under the Army or the Army Chief, unless he's Chairman Chiefs, NDA and its Commandant are under CISC, but the service of the NDA Commandant (its rotational) and his community, are too much of a coincidence to ignore. Just a day before he chose to  meet the press, the NDA Commandant is shunted out--Lt Gen Jatinder Singh---incidentally from the same community as his, maybe to prove the communal angle taken in the PIL filed against him by retired Chiefs, as incorrect. Only those journos called today who wrote extensively anti-VK in recent times, wonder if thats the qualification required to attend interactions/pressers these days!!

A defence correspondent told me the day he took over as chief that he would either be extremely good or extremely bad, nothing in between, I laughed at my colleague's naivete, because going by Gen Bikram's taking-over general speech and Q&A , he proved to be exactly the in-between sorts and very much with the system. I want to tell my friend, that the last Chief India had was Gen Sundarji, no one after that has been a true-blue four--star, they are all average soldiers who are there by sheer luck and sycophancy!!

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Anonymous said...

This write-up of yours is reeking of racism...did not expect this from an eminent defense journalist.