Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WAC Commanders Focus On Mission Readiness & Quality Life To People

The two day Commanders Conference of the New Delhi based Western Air Command began today. The conference is being attended by Commanders of all formations under Western Air Command and the Principal Staff Officers of the Command. The underlying theme of the conference is - 'Mission Readiness and Quality Life to People.'

Addressing the Commanders, Air Marshal DC Kumaria, Air Officer Commanding-­in-Chief, Western Air Command said, "The main thrust at present is on the development' of operational capability, infrastructure and security to ensure mission readiness at all times. Western Air Command is the sword arm of IAF and mans the first line of air defence of the country. The induction of the formidable      Su-30 aircraft and the impregnable Mi-17V5 helicopters in the Command gives us phenomenal firepower, reach and endurance. The inductions are going to continue as our plans for modernisation start bearing fruit. Concurrent with the rapid technological advancement of our fleet, the network to connect and manage all these data centric equipment is also steadily taking shape bringing us ever closer to our aim of a complete network centric force."

While praising the performance of all the stations and units of Western Air Command in putting their best to maintain the operational edge, he said, "While mission readiness and accomplishment is our primary aim, it's the people who are the real engines of our capability. The thrust on operational capability should always keep the people who are effecting it, in sight. With the progress of our nation, the aspirations of people are going up. The quality of leadership must rise up to these aspirations by empowering the people at the same time making them responsible and accountable."

In the course of this Conference the Commanders will focus on key issues such as operations, infrastructure development, induction, aerospace safety and human resource development. Jointmanship with the three affiliated Army Commands would also be discussed and reviewed to bring synergy in air-land operational plans and concepts.

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