Tuesday, May 1, 2012

IAF Participates In Exercise ‘Shoorveer’ By SWC

The South Western Command, Army is conducting Exercise ‘Shoorveer’ in the desert sector of Rajasthan. The IAF is involved in the exercise with troops (EWT) in a big way with elements from WAC providing full spectrum of Air Support during the exercise. The offensive Air Support will involve all type of fighters including SU-30.     Mi-35, attack helicopters would also be providing the Offensive Air Support to the ground troops. Counter Surface Force Operations are crucial to the overall success of the Land Operations. The Mi-17s including some elements from SWAC would be employed for the Special Heliborne Operations (SHBO). The Combat Support role will also see, the Airborne Assault Operations where a large contingent of paratroopers will be para dropped in the exercise area.

The exercise would see the Surface Forces and the Air Force elements fighting together in close coordination with each other. This however, calls for a high degree of Control and Coordination which is achieved by adhering to laid down operating procedures and supported by complex communication networks. Both the Army and    Air Force would field their Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPAs) in support of their missions.

A significant amount of joint training has been carried out by the Army and  Air Force prior to the exercise during the preparatory phase, both by day and by night.

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