Friday, March 16, 2012

IRKUT Corpn Presents The MC-21 Program In India

Representatives of airlines and the Government aviation services of India were provided with detailed information on the MC-21 program, features and advantages of the prospective MC-21-300 and MC-21-200 aircraft.

The full-size mock-up of the passenger cabin and the cockpit of the MC-21 were of particular interest for the presentation participants.

The cabin and the cockpit were highly appreciated by the other participants of the event.

Summing up the presentations, Kirill Budaev said that due to the Su-30MK program IRKUT in India has a reputation of an advanced aircraft manufacturer and a reliable business partner. "The interest shown at the air show to the MC-21 program, indicates the possibility of expanding cooperation with Indian companies on civil projects", - said the Vice-President of JSC IRKUT Corporation.


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