Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Message To IAF From Chief Of Air Staff

The Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne, has sent a message of support and best wishes to all the Air Warriors, Non-Combatant(Enrolled) personnel, Defence Security Corps personnel, Civilians and their families for the New Year – 2012.

Praising his men and women in uniform for their professional calibre, achievements, commitment and wishing them continued success in all their endeavours, the Air Chief said, “Over the past one year, the IAF has taken confident strides on the path of transforming itself into a multi-spectrum force, fully capable of addressing India’s future security concerns. Our speedy operationalisation of AWACS and C-130J fleet, commitment in supporting our surface forces both during the Anti-Naxal operations and sustained air maintenance operations in the North and East, highlights the professional calibre of our air warriors. The nation has also gratefully acknowledged our promptness in undertaking relief missions during Orissa floods and Sikkim earthquake as well in evacuating our distressed countrymen from Libya. Our ongoing procurement projects have also progressed substantially and we would see many new value additions in our inventory in the coming year. All these achievements are a true reflection of the foresight, tenacity and commitment of our air warriors. We need to continue maintaining this proactive approach in all our future endeavors as well.”

“Operationalisation of the newly inducted systems, speedy development of our operational infrastructure and integration of new capabilities in our overall operational employment matrix would require our undivided attention and commitment. The ever changing complexion of our security and operational environment will also place greater demands on our leadership at all levels. I am extremely confident that our air warriors are fully capable of meeting these new challenges.”

“While inducting new hardware, we need to constantly remind ourselves that the real enablers and drivers of our transformation process – Our People – always remain our highest priority. Therefore, a holistic approach to team building, which includes looking after their training, mentoring, counseling as well as personal needs, will have to be addressed.”

“Our vision – ‘People First, Mission Always’ should therefore guide all our actions. Our daily mission, that is the task assigned to each one of us, must be accomplished with utmost commitment. While doing so, we also need to make a conscious effort of raising our standards a notch higher. Only if all of us do this consciously, we will be able to take the IAF to a higher level of performance.”

“I am fully confident that we will approach the challenges of the year ahead, as a capable, motivated and committed team and use these challenges as opportunities to grow."


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