Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Navy Denies Wife-Swapping Report!

Indian Navy's statement : 1.It was disconcerting for the Southern Naval Command to note a malicious and baseless report in the Sunday Guardian, regarding alleged immoral activities at INS Dronacharya at Kochi. Such irresponsible reportage should normally not be dignified with a response; however, the facts need to be placed on record.

2.The report is factually incorrect, baseless and malicious. There has been no Officer by the name of Mukesh Sharma doing Long Gunnery Course at INS Dronacharya in the last year. Further, it is emphatically clarified that no Board of Inquiry has also been set up on such an issue at Southern Naval Command.

3. This is for your kind information

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Anonymous said...

Indian navy and airforce people swap their wife's for promotion, This is not a new and have heard this several years back . They are shameless to do this.