Wednesday, November 30, 2011

India, China Annual Defence Dialogue Next Week

The 4th Annual Defence Dialogue (ADD) with China will be held in New Delhi on 09th December, 2011. The dialogue will be chaired by Defence Secretary Shri Shashikant Sharma on the Indian side and the Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Chinese PLA, Gen Ma Xiaotian from the Chinese side.

The conduct of the 4th ADD will take place in the backdrop of exchanges of military delegations on both sides in recent months. From the Indian side, a multi-command delegation visited China during 19-23 June, 2011. Similarly, a delegation from the Chinese PLA visited India for interactions with their Indian Army counterparts from 4-9 November, 2011. Both sides will undertake a further round of delegation exchanges before end December, 2011.

During the Annual Defence Dialogue, both sides will exchange perspectives on regional and global security issues. Both sides will also review the ongoing Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) on the borders and are expected to finalize plans for further defence exchanges during 2012.

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Rajeev said...

I dont know how long would it take for India to know relations with China is not working. They had denied visa to defense personal who was planned to come to their country. In no ambiguous terms we should ask them what are they doing in Pakistan and how far are they planning support Pakistani nuclear ambitions so that we could help Vietnam in the same respects.