Tuesday, January 11, 2011

60% Indigenous LCA Has Non-Compliant Parameters Vis-a-Vis ASRs Laid Down by IAF !!

Talking about non-compliant parameters, sources told DNA that the FOC hopes to achieve a 24 degree angle of attack, while the IOC only has 22 degree angle of attack, and the G force that is required by the IAF in the aircraft is between 9 and -3.5, which as of now is between 7 and -1.5.

Besides, sustained turn-rate of the aircraft is poor, which is being envisaged in the Mk-II version through a more powerful engine, which was selected by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in last September, the American GE-414.

In the FOC the aircraft will carry extra weapon-load compared to the IOC. The Mk-II version will have better technology and other design changes.

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Anonymous said...

the date on the pics must be 2011, and not 2010 :)