Saturday, July 3, 2010

DNA : MO Draws Up Plan To Have RRFs To Counter China, Discusses Feasibility


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Anonymous said...

I would very much appreciate your dedicating one of your staff members to do research on Chinese RRF's, their potential on our borders, future plans of the PLA regarding military buildup near India and our counter reactions.
It is very interesting that you are one of the few bloggers that has taken a lead in following this topic - please continue your good work on this specific topic.
We harbor nothing but the greatest regard, reverence, brotherhood and friendship for our neighbours China - but what one feel's in friendship may not be reciprocated.
The world these days is tumultuous and we must be careful and exact care in our national security.
I have read earlier material you published on this blog concerning the RRF's. It is good but details may prove useful.
The efforts undertaken by any Indian to maintain peace and harmony in National security will never go in vain.